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Chicago, USA 2006 - 2007 - 2008

2006 was the first year that the National Craft Gallery showed at SOFA Chicago. To launch the 3 year campaign we showed a version of the acclaimed “Forty Shades of Green” exhibition as well as taking a gallery booth showing the work of 15 makers.


In 2007 the National Craft Gallery of Ireland returned to Chicago with a group of 17 makers and a major new work “In Aer” by Joseph Walsh. The ambition and scale of this work defiantly grabbed the attention of the US audience.


For this the 3rd show by the National Craft Gallery Ireland at SOFA Chicago we presented 23 makers, 13 for the first time. This year we continued to have a strong response from both the visitors and the exhibiting galleries and continued to place more makers with USA galleries.

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