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Roll Up Roll Up

The Ark Childrens Cultural Centre, Dublin, Ireland 2013

The circus performer, as artist and artisan, has for ages, inspired painters and writers, filmmakers and composers, choreographers and playwrights, as well as great philosophers. They exist in our consciousness as ephemeral ‘outsiders’ who inspire awe, anarchic fun, curiosity and perhaps a little fear. The Ark’s 2013 summer programme, Roll Up Roll Up, was an adventurous, fully-interactive guided exhibition, offering children and families a unique insight into the rich heritage, art, skills and dramatic lives of circus troupes in Ireland and abroad.

Curator Brian Kennedy transformed each of The Ark’s floors into circus-themed spaces where families could explore all that this wonderful artform has to offer. Actors playing the parts of circus characters guided visitors through an interactive exhibition tour that brought to life the incredible worlds of the trapeze artist, the ringmaster, circus horses and their trainers, and clowns. 

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